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Rules & Regulations

1 Eligibility

  • Participants maybe individual or group.

  • There is no maximum number of group member

  • All applications must be original work of the person / group.

  • Individual or group participants may submit more than one entry. Each entry will have to pay individual registration fee.

  • Adaptation of improving existing innovations /products can be accepted as long as the improvement is totally new.

  • The abstract must be submitted by 5th June 2023

  • Submission is valid once the registration payment has been made.

2a. Presentation (Physical - for local and international participants):

  • Each team will present their invention or innovation with their prepared exhibit up to 5 minutes.

  • Layout for exhibit is provided in the competition page.

  • Each presentation is recommended to be accompanied with a vertical poster (bunting). Details can be found in [BUNTING GUIDELINE]

  • Presentation will be in English except for JUNIOR category, Malay Language and/or English is acceptable.

  • Participants may exhibit any extra documents for additional info on the project.

  • Usage of electrical devices/machines and other large display should be consulted with the organizer prior to competition.

  • Only 2 presenters are allowed to present during the judging session. However, other team members can be present without interfering the presentation.

  • Participants are required to be at their exhibit throughout the event.

2b. Presentation (Virtual - for international participants only):

  • Each team will present their invention or innovation in a video up to 5 minutes.

  • Guidelines for video can be found here.

  • Each presentation should be accompanied with an e-Poster. 

  • Presentation will be in English.

  • Participants may submit any extra documents for additional info on the project.

  • Presentation (video) may include the presenter (s) or using animation with voice over.

3 General Guidelines

  • All evidences such as patent application letter, papers, journals, etc. are to be submitted as additional materials.

  • Participants are responsible to obtain Intellectual Property (IP) protection for their product where applicable.

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