Video Guidelines

General Guidelines


1. Video format shall be in MP4 or compressed MP4. 

    You may click this link for compressed MP4 conversion :

2. The maximum allowed video/file size is 500MB.

3. In the video, any team member can present or none if you are using animation, only voice over is also accepted.

4. The length of the video shall be around 5 - 10 minutes.

5. The resolution of the video should be of high definition (720p or 1080p).

6. Your video shall include IIIDentEx2021 Introductory Video. You may download the video as per link below.

7. All information such as the title of your project, team member's name, and affiliation must appear on the first part of your video after the IIIDentEx2021 Introductory Video.

8. All presentation must be in English except for Junior Category which Bahasa Melayu can be used.

9. Please name your video/file as per your project title (shorten version is acceptable).

10. Please upload your video by using this link:

Compulsory Content

Your video shall include these items:

1. Introduction 

2. Problem Statement

3. Objective

4. Ideas/Product

5. Benefit

6. Commercialization Value

Ideas for your Video

1. You may create a video using MS Powerpoint. Prepare the slides according to your project and follow our presentation criteria. Later, you may use any of the team member to present with voice-over and save it as MP4 for submission. Example for this can be viewed here:

2. You may use powtoon or any other web-based apps or software. 

Samples of Video Presentation

Download :

1. Introductory Video

2. IIIDentEx2021 Logo

IIIDENTEX2020 Videos
Due Date for Video Submission is 21st September 2021