The International Invention & Innovation in Dentistry Exhibition is an exhibition of new and innovative products and concepts developed for oral healthcare. 

The oral healthcare landscape is ever changing and it needs new and innovative solutions more than ever. The continuous demand for improved quality treatment and prevention, efficient service and improved prognosis and outcomes requires the dental industry to be proactive in accelerating inventions and innovations for the betterment of oral health care. 

Through this exhibition, inventors, innovators and designers will have the opportunity to present their work to the public and network with potential collaborators and business partners/investors in the oral healthcare sector.


  1. To spread the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.i.    

  2. To ensure an environment suitable for generating creative ideas and transforming them into successful projects.

  3. To contribute to the establishment of startups based on scientific research.

  4. To support creative projects which provide effective solutions for current problems in society.

  5. To prepare and encourage students to participate with their projects in contests internally and externally.

  6. To serve as a platform for matchmaking between inventors and companies 

  7. To encourage and support the commercialization of products and prototypes