Competition Details

Below are the guidelines for all competitors/participants during the event:

  • There will be NO virtual presentation between the presenters and judges during the event. ONLY the video, poster, abstract, awards, grants, copyrights, & other materials that you have uploaded will be used for judging​.

  • We have registration before the event starts. Certificate of participation & attendance will ONLY be given after your members & you have successfully registered during the event.

  • You have to attend ALL sessions, if you want to get the CPD points. Judges will also be visiting your virtual booth for questioning any other extra information if they need it during the event. There is a live chat room at your virtual booth.

  • ALL team leaders (or any team members) should be online in your own live chat room (in our virtual platform) to entertain any judges/visitors inquiries throughout the event.

  • We will be broadcasting LIVE through YouTube which can be accessed from the auditorium link in our virtual exhibition platform below. (Enter Hall)

  • Any Q&A for the speakers, please use the PigeonHole link that will be displayed in the LIVE session. The link will be provided in the YouTube chat section and as QR Code on the screen.

  • Workshop participants will be given a Webex link which will also be displayed in the LIVE session.

During the Event

As a competitor (Participant), you are required to prepare:

1. Abstract

2. E-Poster

3. Video

4. Copyright document (if available)

5. Any grant (if available)

These materials will be put up in our website for the competition. Please take your time to read the rules and regulations for all the materials mentioned above.

Writing on Tablet


Pages of Book

Book Chapter

Video Camera

Video Guidelines

Presenting an Award


Writing Supplies

Rules and Regulations

Writing on Whiteboard


Blood Samples


Business Presentation



Judging Criteria

Virtual Presentation Layout