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This competition offers recognition or award based on several criteria. In order for you to fulfill these criteria, please observe carefully all the guidelines and rules. All details pertinent to this competition is provided in this page. 

Furthermore, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to get through our competition process. You may email us if further clarification is needed.

First of all, read our general [Rules and Regulations]


Make an abstract for your project. Refer to the [ABSTRACT GUIDELINE]  and [ABSTRACT TEMPLATE] provide in the section below.


[REGISTER & MAKE  PAYMENT] through our registration system. Please go to the registration menu above.


Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email of the receipt.  Reviewers will be assigned to your submitted abstract. You may need to do some corrections if required prior to the event. Your abstract will be published in our electronic programme book.


Once your abstract have been submitted and accepted, please prepare the exhibit materials including bunting (optional).  You may refer to the suggestions or ideas regarding [BUNTING GUIDELINE] and  [OTHER EXHIBIT MATERIALS] below.


Refer to the [EXHIBIT LAYOUT]  to get an idea of how your booth will look like and also the arrangement of the booth in the hall [HALL LAYOUT]. This may help you to prepare the exhibit too! may mentally prepare you for the presentation.


Book your travel and accommodation (if required). We have prepared some [TRAVEL RECOMMENDATIONS] and also [ACCOMMODATION GUIDE] for your arrangements.


Come to the event to present your product/project! Please observe the [PRESENTATION CRITERIA]  provided All the best!

* Please watch out for special notes of the event when close to the date. There might be special instructions with regards to the booth set up time and other updates.

Download our logo and related materials

For Virtual Presentation (International Participants only)

Follow step 1 to step 3  

Step 4 : Prepare a video (see guidelines) then submit before June 5th, 2023.


Most importantly, get the template to make your life easier! Download it here.

Travel & Accommodation


Please design your bunting according to our guideline. However, this is not a MUST for you to prepare or bring during the event.


You may exhibit these items to make your project stand high!

- Copyright/Patent document

- Product Pamphlet

- Prototype of the product

- Any relevant materials 

*Please remember, your exhibit shall not disturb other participants booth or produce loud noise or disturbing others

Exhibit Layout

This is the layout for your booth. Please do remember that allocation of your booth is up to the organizer.

Rules & Regulations

Please go through these rules and regulations to ensure your are up for the competition. It matters when you follow the rules!

Evaluation Criteria

Our judges are from various backgrounds and expertise. They are invited to evaluate your project / product based on the criteria provided below.

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Ever wonder what you could win?

IIIDentEx 2023 Results

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