About us

Welcoming Remarks from our Chairperson
Dr Nurharnani Harun
Welcome to 4th IIIDentEx 2022!

I am humbled and excited to be part of the team and proud to bring this event to all of you once again. Now, with things improving with the pandemic, we could host this event in the way it meant to be, physical meet up! What an exciting and promising moment it would be. 

Without a doubt there is much more that we can do. And the same is true for everyone else, which also have stepped up but need to go further. I believed this is the best platform to showcase ideas and creativity of everyone who believes  the bright future of healthcare.

I wish you all the best and can't wait to welcome you physically in Penang or virtually through our social media!

See you soon!
Colleagues Working Together

Our Mission

We are eager to promote future inventions and innovations in healthcare and particularly in dentistry and related fields. This is a platform for everyone to showcase their invention or innovation with  a chance of proper recognition by esteemed professionals throughout the field and beyond.

The future is great, so do you! Come and join us for a an exciting life-time opportunity and making the healthcare more affordable and yet efficient.

Through technology and ideas, we can create a better future and a great quality of life. Have you got what it takes? See you soon!

Two Dried Leaves

Our passion for innovation driven by the energy of teamwork!

The Team